Bed Preparation

I’m a very tidy person.  I don’t like knick-knacks, clutter or unopened mail.  Gardening offers me the opportunity to welcome a little bit of chaos into my life.  I allow the wild nature of the garden to help me be flexible and let go of (a little bit of) control.

There are many things about my garden that I don’t like.  It is a work in progress and this blog is a journey through that work.  Part of that is showing pictures of the garden when it doesn’t look its best.  So with that, I give you unedited pictures of my garden early in the season with all my over-wintered vegetables and dormant crops.

I planted my first cover crop last November after I pulled the tomatoes out of the bed by the fireplace.  I wanted to put nitrogen back into the soil so I gave it a try.  It grew very well all winter and is now ready to be turned under so it can break down, release the nitrogen and get ready for a new crop of tomatoes.

My kale went all winter long and we enjoyed it when everything else was gone.  We at it steamed on goddess bowls, raw in smoothies and massaged with olive oil in our favorite salads.

The bok choy was also great all winter.  I had no idea how hardy it was.

The broccoli did not do well.  This bed just doesn’t get enough sun in the winter.  The peas also failed to produce anything last fall.  I think I put them in too late.

I’m amending the soil with G&B Oganics Raised Bed & Potting Mix this year.  It’s an organic mix of all the good stuff like chicken manure, kelp meal, worm castings and bat guano.   I picked up six bags at Al’s Garden Center, each containing 3 cubic feet of soil.


I removed all of the kale and bok choy except one stem that I left to bolt for the bees and ladybugs that will be coming out soon.   Next year I may leave more stems if they aren’t in the way of paths like these were.

I do feel happy in my heart when my garden is tidy.  There’s nothing quite like an empty bed with fresh soil just waiting to be planted!

Here are some updated photos of the lettuce bed! These are from March 30th.

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