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10 Lessons Learned – 2020

At the end of every season I look back on my gardening journey and create a list of what worked and what didn’t.  It’s really helped me improve my methods and it’s fun to strategize about how to do better next year.  Curious about what I learned in 2019? Check […]


2019 Harvest Tallies!

2019 was my 7th year gardening in our own backyard.  The garden was very prolific again this year.  We tried to weigh each harvest before we chowed down on it but that didn’t always work out.  We were able to capture the following annual harvest weights though:   Potatoes – […]


Top 10 Lessons Learned – 2019

My Johnny’s Select Seeds catalog arrived just when I was starting to feel the perpetual gloom of winter.  The folks at Johnny’s must know when we are the most likely to order one of everything! I always like to reflect on the successes and challenges of the last gardening season before […]


Blueberry Crostini

We went blueberry picking on my birthday this year.  It might seem strange to go pick someone else’s berries when I have three bushes in the garden.  I love visiting farms though, and it was really nice to get out into the country and walk deep into a blueberry field […]