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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

 I’ve already put away all the holiday decorations, cleaned out my closet, donated a large lot of belongings to charity, and am ready for a fresh start.  As soon as the holidays are over, I feel like spring must be right around the corner.  In Oregon what I’m usually in store for is actually three more months of cold, wet, dreary weather before there are any obvious signs of life in the yard. However, I like to look closely at my plants, at the ground, the soil, and listen for birds. Today I noticed these little beauties poking through the Earth. These daffodils and peonies will be my early spring bloomers and will bring a welcome splash of bright yellow and vibrant pink to the yard just when I need it most. I’ll take photos as they progress and post them here so you can see the progress. Many people take daffodils for granted but for me, their early sprouting tells me there’s a promise of warmer weather coming. Their bright cheery color that I know will eventually come makes me feel hopeful and happy in my heart.  Seeing these fresh, baby green sprouts are always such a gift. Happy New Year to you and may these little sprouts bring you a sense of hope and promise too!

Happy New Year

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