Blueberry Crostini

We went blueberry picking on my birthday this year.  It might seem strange to go pick someone else’s berries when I have three bushes in the garden.  I love visiting farms though, and it was really nice to get out into the country and walk deep into a blueberry field to quietly pick berries.  Plus, I got to try a new blueberry recipe.  These blueberry crostini snacks are a healthy and delicious, seasonal treat!


We went to Blueberry Ridge Farm in Sherwood, Oregon, a local, organic, family farm since 1983.  Lynn and Gary are the owners and are such an awesome couple.  They worked the farm while raising their kids and managing full time careers since the 80s.  Now the farm is their family legacy and their business has expanded to an impressive scale.  They provide all of the dried blueberries for Bob’s Red Mill, another Oregon favorite.


The farm has 3,500 blueberry bushes and it was really fun to pick.  We were there on a Tuesday while almost everyone else was at work so it was very peaceful.  We were given a private tour of the facility afterward which was the real treat.  Lynn showed us their dehydration room, the conveyor system and explained how they move berries through the processing plant and out to stores.  We purchased one of her pies and popped it in the freezer to enjoy this winter.

Lynn gave me a recipe for blueberry crostini while we were there.  I swapped out the ricotta for goat’s cheese.  Winner Winner!  So good!


8 slices of baguette

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 ounce of goat cheese, room temperature to soften

3 tablespoons of honey

2 teaspoons of fresh thyme, roughly chopped

2 cups of blueberries


Toast the bread slices until slightly brown.  Smear the slices with goat cheese, nestle the blueberries into the cheese and drizzle with olive oil and honey.  Then sprinkler with thyme.  Simple, fresh, delicious!

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