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Early April Garden Update – 2018

Early April Garden Update – 2018

It finally stopped raining for a moment so I headed outside with the camera to get some updated shots of my plants.  Everyone is waking up now so the yard is full of new, bright green growth.  The bees are even starting to sneak out and explore, hoping to find some pollen.

I want to plant some new perennials this year that will bloom very early so there’s more color in the yard and more fresh food for the bees.  I’m thinking forsythia, big orange poppies and a dwarf lilac.  I need some summer-blooming beauties for the bed along the fence too.  You can never have too many plants, right?  What are some of your favorite early spring bloomers?

Here’s how my little babies are looking today.  They’re changing so fast though.  We’re expecting some nice, warm weather next week so they will really start to develop then.


Garden Update  - 2018



White Lilac

Purple Lilac




Pink Hydrangea

White Hydrangea


Chicks and Hens (cut and transplanted from my father’s garden)

Grape Hyacinth


I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Check back again soon to see their progress after the sun comes out.

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