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2019 Veggie Garden Harvest Tallies!

Veggie Garden Harvest Tallies!

2019 was my 7th year gardening in our own backyard.  The garden was very prolific again this year.  We tried to weigh each harvest before we chowed down on it but that didn’t always work out.  We were able to capture the following annual harvest weights though:


Potatoes – 1.25 lbs

Cucumbers – 2.6 lbs

Peas – 3.6 lbs

Raspberries – 4 lbs

Squash – 5 lbs

Blueberries – 6.8 lbs

Green beans – 19.25 lbs!

Tomatoes – 24.63 lbs!

Next year my goal is to price our harvest at the farmer’s market.  When heirloom tomatoes go for $4 per pound at the market, we feel quite luxurious picking them from our own yard!  I want to track what I spend on seeds and vegetable starts and what it costs to water all summer and compare those costs to what growers are selling these veggies for at the market.  I know we’re getting a lot more than we’re putting in but I think it would be fun to see the numbers.  Plus, that will give me another reason to create an Excel spreadsheet which I always love!

2019 was another rewarding year.  We ate lots and lots of fresh, healthy, homegrown food, spent less time standing in the hot sun watering, thanks to the irrigation system I put in and we were able to preserve green beans, blueberries and tomatoes for the winter.

We are so fortunate to have a plot of land on which to grow some of our own food.  We have access to clean soil and clean water and we are physically able to get out in the yard and do the work.  None of this is lost on us.  We are extremely grateful for everything we have and wish everyone was as fortunate as we are.  Blessings to all in 2020!

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