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My turnips are ready! 

My ready turnips

Gardening is such a miracle.  Nature has packed all of the genetic material needed to produce these wonderfully tender, white globes of crisp refreshing goodness into a teeny, tiny little seed that I dropped into the soil last month.  It is so rewarding to see the transformation from seed to food and to be able to pluck something so beautiful and good for me right out of the soil in my backyard.

It is truly a privilege to be able to tend my own plot of soil.  It’s something I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience because growing your own food builds self-reliance and a connection to something larger than yourself.  We are all a part of nature and it’s important to remember our place in the cycle of life.  It’s also a great escape from the challenges of modern, urban life.  Coming out to the garden after a stressful day of work really helps settle me down and put things back into perspective.

My ready turnips

I had a beautiful harvest today.  In addition to the turnips, I picked a couple of beautiful yellow squash, a bunch of kale, and a lot of raspberries!  The turnips and their greens will get sautéed with the squash and an onion to  make a nice little side dish.  The kale will likely go into smoothies and the raspberries – well if I don’t eat them all first, I’ll make raspberry sauce for ice cream and pancakes.

So many raspberries!


Squash blossom begging for a visit from a pollinator!


My cucumbers are also starting to send out little, fuzzy babies.  So cute!

The tomatoes are getting taller so I’m tying them to the trellis as they grow.


The strawberries are looking better and my onions are getting strong!


I went to the nursery and purchased some colorful annuals to brighten the patio and some perennials to put into my raised bed along the fence.


Happy Gardening!

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