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Early June Garden Update

Early June Garden Update

It’s been about a month since I posted an update on the garden.  We’ve had a wonderful mix of hot days (70-80 degrees and sunny) and warm rainy days.  The plants LOVE this combo.  They love rain far more than treated water from the municipal supply.  Our water is treated with chlorine and fluoride which can harm plants if the concentration is too high.  The rain doesn’t have these additives and instead is PH neutral and contains important minerals that plants naturally benefit from.  A good rain to saturate the soil and then a few hot and sunny days makes the plants get up and sing!

My strawberries are in full production mode now so stay tuned for a strawberry recipe coming soon.

Early June Garden Update  

Next will be blueberries and raspberries.  It’s finally berry season!

The kale is ready to start harvesting and the bok choy looks happy.  I’ve been having a little trouble with slugs so I plan to install some copper tape around the edge of the bed to see if that deters them.

The radishes and green beans are doing great too.  I planted a second succession of radishes so hopefully those will be ready when we eat this first batch.  Did you know you could eat radish greens?  These look so delicious every time I go out to the garden.  I might not be able to wait for radishes!

I have little baby cucumbers and squash coming to life.


And who is this? My first teeny, tiny, cherry tomato!

How’s your garden coming along?  Leave me a comment!

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